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Concepts & rationale – design – cross-media messaging & content development.

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Experience with Digital Solution for wide range products.

Google Certified

Expanding technical development into Digital Market orientation.


Our Beautiful Works

Dipanggil KPK Website

Dipanggil KPK Website

Wordpress Development

Amaranthine Fashion

Amaranthine Fashion

Amaranthine Fashion Web Application

Website Kerajinan Indonesia, Jual Beli Kerajinan

Website Kerajinan Indonesia, Jual Beli Kerajinan

Situs Jual Beli Kerajinan dari Indonesia

Kanal KPK Applications

Kanal KPK Applications

Kanal KPK

Biskuat Juara Games

Biskuat Juara Games

Biskuat Juara and Tiger Cup Games

Oreo – Twist, Lick & Dunk

Oreo – Twist, Lick & Dunk

Oreo Game Development


Alurkria services are total solution. We serve you need for web development, Android development, iOS development and digital ads solution. Also for design, we provides best talents to serve your needs about web design, mobile apps design and ads design.

We also have many products that ready to use; such as hotel web check in, tour web and many more. Find the product at our page;

See our preparation for you below;

  • 24 hours ready to serve
  • Expert team work
  • Money back guarantee
  • Google Certified Partner

Why Choose Us

Why you have to choose us?

We know the tech, we are friend with the tech. If you need to build web start up with any different framework, you have to choose us. We can serve you with any framework you want, just name it to us.

Do you want to designing a web with a fast load and SEO friendly? So you need to choose us. We build our design with taste. The HTML + CSS will be responsive, this is if you don’t want to build mobile apps but you need to mobile friendly.

Want to place you web to everyone who searching your product? Then choose us. Our digital ads team will help your Return of Investment (ROI) fast than you think. Our Google Certified will help you for your market need.

And last but not least, we offer you 1 year guarantee for every development (but not include for design). We will help you for consultancy and bugs fixing for free in a one year.

About Us

Alurkria – Digital Agency

Established from 2008. We serve web designing, mobile apps design, web development, mobile apps development and digital ads.

Our team came from many experience creativity serves. Alurkria grew up step by step and learning every mistaken that we did for better serves for our clients.


Our Partners

Best Partners

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